Yangzhou, located in the southeast of China, covers a total area of 6634  square kilometers and has a population of 4.6 million. It borders the provincial capital, Nanjing, to the southwest. This is a city with over 2,500 years’ of history and is the hometown of the famous dish, “Yangzhou fried rice.” Owing to its thousands of year’s history, graceful environment, convenient transportation and traditional Chinese characteristics, Yangzhou was awarded the “UN-Habitat Scroll of Honour” by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme in 2006.

Yangzhou is an open city and remained a leading economic and cultural center and a major port of foreign trade and external exchange in history. Many historical characters arrived in or departed from Yangzhou: Monk Jianzhen, a Yangzhouer who helped to propagate Buddhism in Japan in the Tang Dynasty; Choe Chiwon, a Korean Confucian official who came to Yangzhou to study Confucianism and Buddhism; Puhaddin, a 16th generation descendant of the Islamic prophet who visited Yangzhou during the Tang Dynasty.

Yangzhou has been a charmful city since the 15th century. With delicious dishes, exquisite gardens, influential culture, Yangzhou is listed among the first cities of long history and rich cultural heritages.

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