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As a city built in the 6th century BC, Varna is the home of ancient civilization.Previously, inhabitants discovered ancient gold treasures in the countryside of Varna. Currently, it is on exhibition at the Varna Museum of Archaeology. The seaside of Varna is listed as a scenic spot in Bulgaria.

History of Varna

Varna is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The city has a long and rich history as well as culture. In 7000 BC, humans began to settle in Varna area and became the earliest inhabitants in Europe. Its primitive civilization reached its peak in the Bronze Age in 4000 BC. After that, the Thracians built the villages in the shore of the Black Sea and Varna Lake. 2600 years ago, the Greeks built towns there and named after “Odesass”, the Patron Saint of this area. Soon it became the most important commercial and cultural center along the coast of the Black Sea there. In 681, the People’s Republic of Bulgaria was founded. “Odesass” was renamed “Varna”. Since the middle Ages, Varna has always been the largest port, business center and the capital of coast.

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