Valletta is the capital of Malta and also a cultural heritage city recognized by UNESCO. It is the pride of Malta and the security of Malta people. In 1565, the city was named after the sixth Grand Master of Saint John Knights - Jean Parisot de Valette, who defeated the Turkish Army. It was a pity that he passed away in 1568 before this city was built up. Valletta City is located on a peninsula and it has been used as a military fortress because of its terrain advantage.

Nowadays, it has become an important transportation hub in the Mediterranean region and it even has two ports on each side. The Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens are famous scenic spots. The churches and palaces in the city mostly combine the styles of the Middle Ages, Baroque and Renaissance. The winding streets and lanes designed by the city designer Francesco Laparelli, which lean against Malta’s hilly terrain, have a big radian between the upper part and the lower part. Now it has become a hot spot for photographers. The local language is English.

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