Melbourne, known as the “cultural capital of Australia,” has attracted travelers from all over the world, mainly because of its glorious history of human culture and its tempting entertainment.

Varna is located in the northeast of Bulgaria, bordering the west coast of the Black Sea. It is the largest port and the third largest city in Bulgaria.

Macao is situated in the southeast coastal area of Mainland China. Over the past four hundred years, this was the place for fusion of Chinese and western cultures.

Chengdu has a long history which has the reputation of “land of abundance”.

Dalian is in the South of the Liaodong Peninsula, opposite to the Shandong Peninsula. It is at the coast of Huang Bohai, and in the hinterland of Dongbei. It is an important harbor for the Eastern China economic, trading, tourism, and industrial fields.

Located on the Cap-Vert Peninsula on the eastern Atlantic coast, Dakar is the westernmost city on the African mainland. It is Senegal’s political, economic, cultural, and transportation center.

As the political, economic, cultural, culinary, and spiritual capital of Thailand, Bangkok features both old-world charm and modern convenience, at times served up in an apparently chaotic manner, but always with a gracious smile.

Nicosia is a peaceful and friendly city with many nice and cozy restaurants and museums. The city has anactive fine art atmosphere to it and the most Cyprus style features.

Madrid, capital of Spain, is the largest city and the economic center in Spain, and also serves as the capital of Madrid province

Veliko Tarnovo is situated in the valley of the river Yantra, at a distance of 241 km from the capital Sofia and 228 km from the city of Varna.

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