Penang was founded by Mr. Francis Light from the UK in 1786, where Britons, Malayans, Chinese people and Indians congregated. Its capital Georgetown was a service station for ancient ships in ancient times and also a trading center of Indian spices, Chinese tea and cotton, and other products. Penang is the second largest city in Malaysia, where a total of 1.7 million residents live. It is a state where Chinese people have the largest population among the 16 states and federally administered areas of Malaysia. The total Chinese population of Penang accounts for 42% of the total population of Penang. Penang covers an area of 1,046 square kilometers, consisting of Penang Island and Province Wellesley (inland area).

The glamorous beaches and nostalgic style have made Penang one of the renowned tourist resorts in the world.

The delicacies of Penang are reputed as the most delicious dishes of Malaysia. The outdoor night market in Gurney Drive is a must-visit place for tourists to experience the local delicacies.

As soon as you enter the narrow streets of Penang, you can appreciate the buildings of the East India Company period and explore the glamour of the past. On the streets, you will see incense and candle shops, noodle restaurants, antique shops and so on.

Now, relax. Jump on a pedicab to explore the place where the soul of Georgetown is located. You cannot miss the ancient ancestral temples left behind by the early Chinese settlers, with the resplendent Khoo Kongsi being the most famous Chinese ancestral temple.

History and Culture

In 1786, Mr. Francis Light founded Penang. After promising Kedah Sultan that the UK would protect Kedah from its enemies, Mr. Francis Light represented East India Company to take over the administration of Penang.

Soon he boosted the development of Georgetown. Not after a long time, he occupied an area of the suburban mainland. Later, it was named Province Wellesley. Mr. Light then developed Georgetown to a tax free port.

In 1826, the administration of Malacca and Singapore was moved to Penang.

In 1816, the first English language school of Southeast Asia was founded in Georgetown.

Natural Environment

Penang is the first place which was defined as a city in Malaysia, including Penang Pulau and Province Wellesley. The two lands are connected by the Penang Bridge, which is also one of the longest bridges in Asia. Penang Pulau is a turtle-shaped island, divided by the sea from Malay Peninsula.


Penang, a city located on the Equator, has the tropical rain forest maritime climate, which means the four seasons of a year don’t differ from one another and the temperature differences from season to season are small. The average annual temperature fluctuates around 27℃, and each June - September is the best time for travel in Penang.

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